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Sedation Dentistry and Patient Comfort - Robert Winkler, DDS.

Sleep Dentistry

Don't Fear the Dentist

The following types of sedation are used in dentistry:

* Inhaled minimal sedation - "Laughing gas"                        

* Oral Sedation - minimal to moderate sedation

* IV sedation - sleep during the procedure

Have you been delaying your visit because you know there is so much work to do and it seems like it's too difficult to get started?  If so, you are not alone and we can help.  We can put you to sleep while our dentists repair and restore your smile to its original beauty.  We have helped hundreds of people who come to our office for this very service.

The types of sedation we use include; nitrous (laughing gas), oral sedation, and IV sedation. Regardless of which type of sedation you receive, we will also typically use a local anesthetic, or numbing medication at the site of treatment to relieve pain if the procedure causes any discomfort.

We take great lengths to ensure our patients are comfortable during their visit.  The spa-like nature of our facility is meant to calm you before, during and after your visit, and leave you with a pleasant experience of visiting the dentist.  We also feature our beautiful koi pond, noise-cancelling headphones, in-ceiling tv's, and music to make your visit more pleasant.