3 of the Strangest Teeth Traditions in History

June 1, 2022


Throughout history, different cultures have come up with some pretty unusual and unique solutions for dental health problems. Let’s go over some of the weirdest ones.

1. Mice for Pain Management

These days, when we hear the word “painkiller,” we generally conjure up images of little pills. For ancient Egyptians, however, mice were more likely to come to mind. They created a pain-relieving paste and used mice as one of the main ingredients. If someone got a toothache, they would apply this paste all over the tender area.

2. Stopping Bruxism With Skulls

What were the ancient cultures’ responses to bruxism, or chronic teeth-grinding? According to the ancient Babylonians, demons were the ones to blame. Their solution was to place a human skull by their heads while they slept, hoping that this could scare away the demon and eliminate the bruxism.

3. Pitch-Black Smiles

These days, many of us strive for sparkling white teeth and know it as the typical beauty standard. However, it was the opposite for many Asian cultures in the past. Until the end of the Meiji period, many Japanese women and samurai blackened their teeth in a technique called Ohaguro. They perceived black teeth as being more attractive and believed the technique could make teeth more resistant to decay.

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