Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Did you know that several sports-related organizations now require custom sports mouth guards? It makes sense since many sports injuries involve the mouth and teeth. If you’re an athlete and want to protect your teeth, Esthetic Family Dentistry can make you a custom mouth guard.

What Happens When You Don’t Wear a Mouth Guard?

An athlete’s natural reaction is to clench their jaws during a competition because of the “fight or flight” instinct. This action can trigger an overflow of cortisol (the stress hormone) and restrict the airway because of nerve and muscle tension. A custom-made mouth guard helps limit this restriction, reducing lactic acid and minimizing soft tissue injuries to the gums and tissues inside the mouth.

Three brightly colored mouth guards

How Can Our Dental Practice Help?

Esthetic Family Dentistry proudly uses ArmourBite® Power Wedges to help maintain optimal spacing between an athlete’s teeth. It’s uniquely shaped and counteracts the negative effects of jaw clenching. The ArmourBite® multi-patented technology has helped athletes unleash their full potential and perform better without clenching their jaws.

Reasons to Wear a Mouth Guard

Wearing a custom mouth guard can help athletes in several other ways, including:

  • Protecting your teeth against high impact
  • Preventing neck and jaw injuries
  • Reducing soft tissue damage
  • Reducing concussion effects

Our Practice Can Create Custom Sports Mouth Guards for All Athletes

Your wellbeing is a top priority at our dental practice. You could risk several serious issues if you don’t protect your teeth with a custom mouth guard. If you have any other questions about why you should wear a mouth guard, please contact our office today!

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