Can Crowns Be Done in One Day?

February 20, 2023

Dental prostheses, such as crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants, have significantly advanced over time. Thankfully, those times of replacing a damaged tooth with one taken from someone less fortunate are long gone! You can even receive same-day dental crowns in Colorado Springs.  

Today's dental crowns are better than ever, albeit not all of them are the same. While same-day and lab-made crowns will address a damaged tooth from more harm or decay, the healing procedure and the long-term outcomes you can anticipate differ.  

Close up of a patient smiling after getting same-day crowns in Colorado Springs

Traditional and Same-Day Dental Crowns  

Traditional Crowns    

Traditional and same-day crown treatments are similar yet differ in a few significant ways. The steps for creating traditional crowns are as follows:  

  • A dentist examines the teeth and, if necessary, takes X-rays.  
  • The tooth is sculpted to ensure a snug fit for the crown.  
  • Afterward, the tooth is imprinted, and digital photos may be taken.  
  • The lab receives impressions and photos to create the crown.  
  • Placement of the temporary crown is then performed.  
  • The temporary crown is removed and replaced with a permanent one.  

Typically, the first appointment takes two hours. After that, it usually takes two to three weeks for the lab to create the permanent crown, and it often takes an additional 30 minutes to remove the temporary crown and insert the permanent one.  

While they wait for the permanent crown to be constructed, patients are urged to avoid certain foods and beverages that could dislodge the temporary crown. Once all procedures are done, dental crowns should last 10 to 15 years with good dental hygiene before they need to be replaced.  

Same-Day Crowns  

Crowns made the same day are made in-office using computer technology. The procedure can start after the teeth have been cleaned, prepped, and reshaped. First, the dentist makes a personalized digital impression of the mouth using a CAD/CAM system computer. The impression is then delivered to an office milling device, which uses it to cut a crown from a ceramic block.  

A tooth can be transformed from damaged, decaying, or missing to healed and functional in less than two hours and just one session. Below are the advantages of same-day crowns:  

  • Cost-Effective  

Even if the price of traditional and same-day crowns is similar, they are less expensive overall. By placing the permanent crown during the same session, the patient avoids paying for the temporary crown and the additional visit. Additionally, these crowns will endure longer than conventional ones because of their improved fit.  

  • Efficient  

From the placement of the initial dental implant through the full prosthesis, the dental implant procedure is a protracted, drawn-out process. The patient can get a crown the same day rather than wait two weeks until the implant fully fuses with the bone.  

  • Quicker Turnaround  

The days of waiting weeks to receive a new crown are long gone. Traditional crowns require the patient to leave the office with a temporary crown after the initial appointment. Dental crowns allow the patient to leave the office with a permanent crown after just one visit.  

  • Looks Natural  

The sophisticated method that enables same-day crowns also produces a more realistic-looking crown. The CAD/CAM system can record even the tiniest pits and variations in tooth shape. The tooth can only be roughly estimated using a physical impression to generate a mold from which the conventional crown can be constructed. A computerized system enables a tighter fit and a more realistic look and feel.  

A close up of a model of same-day crowns in Colorado Springs

How Long Do Same-Day Crowns in Colorado Springs Last?  

On average, it takes between five and 15 years before a replacement prosthetic is required. Nevertheless, dental crowns may last longer depending on how well you maintain your oral care. Make an appointment with our office to repair your tooth from damaged to restored in just two hours.

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