Keeping Your Teeth And Gums Healthy Is Vital For A Great Smile

August 6, 2021


For a beautiful smile, it's important to keep your teeth and gums healthy. However, how can you make sure your teeth and gums are not only clean but also healthy? A daily routine of brushing and flossing is the first step to healthier gums and teeth. There is nothing difficult about brushing and flossing. The benefits are definitely worth the effort!

Gum Disease Prevention

After eating or drinking anything with sugar (which is pretty much everything), bacteria will build up in our mouths, eroding away at the enamel on our teeth. This leads to tooth decay and gum disease. You can prevent food particles from rotting between your molars, as well as any dirt accumulated below brackets where braces are attached to a tooth by flossing. Flossing also keeps gum tissue healthy by removing the food and gunk that gum disease love to consume.

What's Gum Disease?

Plaque and tartar contain bacteria that cause gum disease or gingivitis. Plaque forms on teeth and is mainly composed of sticky film that contains a variety of substances, such as food particles, mucus, and bacterium, among others. When left unattended, this gum-causing substance (usually removed by the dentist or dental hygienist) hardens into tartar, a breeding ground for bacteria and germs that cause inflammation.

Gum Disease Prevention

How can you get rid of these nasty enemies in your mouth once and for all? As the plaque formed is very hard and requires professional treatment, you must see a dentist or dental hygienist.Here are some tips for preventing gum disease in the meantime:

  1. You should floss regularly to remove plaque from between your gums and teeth since gum disease can develop in between teeth rather than on visible tooth surfaces. Most people don't know that this is actually one of the best ways to prevent gum disease.
  2. Make sure you see your dentist regularly, and schedule your appointment in advance. You should visit your dentist every three to six months.
  3. To prevent gum disease, use a soft toothbrush like Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield. You should avoid using hard-bristled brushes, since they are more likely to irritate your gums.
  4. Make sure your mouth is hydrated by drinking plenty of water or other hydrating drinks to ensure an adequate flow of saliva. Saliva is one of the body's natural methods for reducing tartar.
  5. Diet plays an important role in gum health, so eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Consuming these foods will help you maintain healthy gums.
  6. If you experience any gum disease symptoms such as bleeding gums or swelling of the lips, you should see your dentist immediately. Be sure not to ignore these symptoms!

To prevent and treat gum disease, the best thing you can do is maintain good oral hygiene. Since most people are concerned about having a bright, white smile, but neglect their gums, it is essential we emphasize how keeping healthy teeth requires diligence when it comes to oral hygiene.It is important to maintain good dental hygiene habits such as brushing twice daily (morning and night) and using mouthwash to keep bacteria at bay as well as to prevent plaque buildup, which leads to not only healthier teeth but also more stable gums.Don't let your smile go unnoticed, schedule an appointment today with Esthetic Family Dentistry.

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