What Age Can You Receive Sedation Dentistry?

August 9, 2022

Every part of a child's life should be healthy. But when it comes to oral health, you might not know all the answers, especially if you’re wondering whether your child should get sedation dentistry in 80920., sedation dentistry. Many kids experience dental anxiety due to unfamiliar surroundings or their anticipation of pain, which is why dentists recommend sedation dentistry, especially if your child’s fear has become too overwhelming to the point where it interferes with their oral health and stops them from receiving checkups and treatments. So, at what age should sedation dentistry be started? Very young patients may have fewer sedative options, but most kids can safely receive IV sedation, oral sedation, and laughing gas. Of course, this is dependent upon the patient's age, state of health at the time, and the nature of the surgery.

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What You Need to Know About Sedation Dentistry

What Is It?

Most dental professionals are aware that keeping your young child still in the dentist's chair can be challenging. Most kids associate visiting the dentist with discomfort, which causes tension or anxiety. Unfortunately, these anxieties may negatively impact your child's oral health in the long run.For kids, sedation dentistry is a secure technique to lessen or get rid of this worry. In some circumstances, sedation can even be the most effective approach to guarantee that your child receives the dental care they require.

What Happens During a Sedation Appointment?

Every consultation at a dental clinic starts with a comprehensive examination of your child's teeth and gums. Typically, dentists ask about their prior dental office visits and talk about sedation options if they believe more treatments are necessary.Most children can be sedated if they are in excellent health. Meanwhile, extremely young kids may not be ideal candidates for certain techniques. In our dental office, we will be happy to go over the specifics of each choice.

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What Sedation Choices Do I Have?

For parents, choosing a sedative technique may be challenging. To ensure your child is as comfortable as possible, a pediatric dentist can offer suggestions. Pediatric dentists will consider both the age of your child and the type of dental work about to be done. Among these choices are:

  • N2O sedation technique - Also referred to as laughing gas, this technique relieves or gets rid of stress without putting your child to sleep. It is particularly helpful for children who have trouble staying still.
  • Oral sedation - Your child will get oral medication around an hour prior to the appointment. They may become relaxed and sleepy from this medication, but they won't fall asleep.
  • IV sedation – For IV sedation, solution is injected into your child’s vein. Even though your child is awake throughout IV sedation, they can lose memory of the treatment.

Your child's oral health is a top priority. Every dentist wants your kid to associate visiting the dentist with relaxation and calmness.Dental clinics provide a kid-focused waiting area with lots of conveniences and cozy chairs because of this. Dentists also offer additional diversions to lessen worry.

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Learn More of Monument, CO, Sedation Dentistry

Esthetic Family Dentistry can assist you in making a choice that is best for you and your child, even if sedation dentistry may not always be required. Please get in touch with us to discuss IV sedation, oral sedation, and laughing gas with one of our support staff members if this sounds like something you're interested in talking about with a pediatric dentist. We hope to hear from you very soon!

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