What Your General Dentist Can and Can't Do

February 20, 2024

As the first line of defense in oral healthcare, general dentists in Colorado Springs play a key role in maintaining the overall health of your teeth and gums. These professionals are often your primary point of contact for routine dental care, offering a wide range of services to keep your smile healthy and vibrant.  

However, there are certain limitations to what a general dentist can do, as their expertise lies primarily in preventive and restorative procedures rather than specialized treatments. Let's explore a bit more what general dentists can and can't do:

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What General Dentists Can Do

Preventive Care

General dentists excel in preventive care, including routine cleanings, examinations, and oral health education. These practices help in maintaining optimal oral hygiene, preventing cavities, gum diseases, and other oral health issues.


One of the most common procedures performed by general dentists is dental fillings. They are proficient in treating cavities by removing decayed tooth material and filling the space with materials such as amalgam or composite resin.

Root Canal Therapy  

General dentists can perform uncomplicated root canal treatments to save severely decayed or infected teeth. They remove the infected pulp, clean the canal, and seal it to prevent further infection, restoring the tooth's function and structure.


Simple tooth extractions, such as removing damaged or decayed teeth, are within the scope of general dentistry. Dentists can also perform surgical extractions for impacted wisdom teeth in some cases.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

General dentists in Colorado Springs are skilled in placing crowns and bridges to restore the form and function of damaged or missing teeth. They design, fabricate, and cement these prosthetics, providing patients with durable solutions for dental restoration.

Dental Cleanings and Scaling

Routine dental cleanings and scaling to remove plaque, tartar, and stains from teeth are routine procedures carried out by general dentists. These cleanings help in preventing gum diseases and maintaining oral health.

What General Dentists Can't Do

Complex Orthodontic Treatments

Although general dentists may offer orthodontic treatments like braces or clear aligners in some cases, complex orthodontic cases typically necessitate the intervention of orthodontists who specialize in tooth and jaw alignment.

Advanced Endodontic Procedures

While general dentists can perform basic root canal therapy, complex cases involving intricate anatomy or retreatment of previous root canals may be referred to endodontists, who specialize in root canal procedures.

Treatment of Complex Dental Trauma

General dentists can provide initial emergency care for dental trauma, such as fractures or avulsions. However, complex cases involving extensive trauma to the teeth, jaws, or surrounding structures may require the expertise of specialists such as oral and maxillofacial surgeons or dental trauma specialists.

Advanced Pediatric Dentistry

General dentists can provide basic dental care for children, but specialized pediatric dentists have additional training and experience in managing the unique oral health needs of infants, children, and adolescents.

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Looking for a General Dentist in Colorado Springs?

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