Worst Food for Your Teeth

September 5, 2022

Do you still believe that cliché phrase, "You are what you eat"? This finds application in dentistry. According to a dentist in 80920,  most people think the only thing they need to avoid to prevent cavities is sugar, but there are several other foods to look out for. In some of the usual meal-favs you enjoy, you will be startled to find unrecognized natural sugars or cavity-causing substances. You can reduce your risk of developing cavities by being aware of the worst meals for teeth.  

dentist in 80920 warns eating popcorn can damage your teeth

Foods to Be Careful Of


All dentists will say that ice is for chilling, not chewing. It's amazing how many individuals believe that ice is good for their teeth. It doesn't contain any sugar or other additives and it's only water.  However, biting on something hard can harm your enamel and leave your teeth open to a dental emergency. Break the habit and savor water when it's liquid instead.  


Lemon, lemon water, grapefruit… Citrus fruits are incredibly acidic. It’s like having acid to cover your teeth. If you consume too much of it, your teeth will begin to weaken, deteriorate, and become more sensitive.  


Although homemade popcorn is a good source of fiber, it's one of the worst foods for your teeth. You can chip or crack teeth if you bite down a popcorn kernel.  Aside from this, the annoying kernel shells may become stuck in between your gums and teeth. If it’s really irresistible because you’re enjoying a good Netflix movie, make sure not to bite down on hard kernels.  


Tea and coffee can be healthy beverage options when consumed in their natural forms. Sadly, most of us can't help but add sugar. Tea and coffee with caffeine can also cause mouth dryness.   Furthermore, regular coffee and tea use can discolor your teeth. If you drink these beverages, remember to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and avoid adding too much sugar.  

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol can significantly dry out your mouth and change the pH level near your teeth, whether it's beer, wine, or cocktails. Additionally, most of us have a propensity to savor our beverages for extended periods, making it possible for these beverages to cling to the teeth.  


Pickles generally aren't unhealthy for you, but they can damage the enamel because of their low pH, like citrus fruits. You don't have to completely avoid pickles, though, as their probiotics can aid in the prevention of tooth decay.  

Sticky Foods

Many consider dried fruit the best option when choosing healthy snacks. However, most of these have a sticky texture. Due to their propensity to adhere to teeth for a longer time than others, sticky foods are sure to harm your teeth. If you frequently eat trail mix or dried fruits, be sure to gently brush and floss your teeth afterward and rinse with water.  

Bread, Pasta, Chips, Crackers, Etc.

Fermentable carbohydrates, such as those found in packaged goods, can increase plaque and bacteria in your mouth. Additionally, sugar byproducts are produced when they decompose. Instead, choose complex carbohydrates like whole grains.  


Sugary foods are the worst for your teeth. While sweets without added sugar are preferable, many candies, both with sugar and without, are sticky, which can be bad for your teeth. The sugar content can linger in the enamel of your teeth, producing dangerous acids that can damage your teeth.  

dentist in 80920 will repair damaged teeth due to biting into hard candy

Get the Help of a Dentist in 80920

Behaviors that are good for your dental health are oftentimes beneficial to your general health. Eating fewer processed and sugary foods, visiting the doctor every six months, and avoiding between-meal snacks—especially those that are sugary or sticky—can all be beneficial. Contact Esthetic Family Dentistry to learn how to care your teeth.

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